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  • Convert audio easily
  • Rip Audio CD to MP3, FLAC and other formats
  • Convert and rename / organize songs
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Convert audio between popular formats and rip Audio CDs easily with AudioConverter Studio!

Whether you need to convert FLAC to MP3, APE to WMA, OGG to WAV, or rip Audio CD tracks, AudioConverter Studio is the right tool for the job. It supports most popular audio formats and can convert between any pair of them. Well, Audio CDs can be converted to any of the supported formats, but not the other way around (to burn an Audio CD, you can use Audio CD Burner Studio).

AudioConverter Studio will easily convert MP3, WMA, APE, FLAC, OGG, WAV, MPC files, and CDA tracks. MP3 is one of the best supported (by various software and hardware) formats, so typically people convert CDA to MP3. Among lossless formats, FLAC enjoys increasing support and popularity, which is why you may want to rip your Audio CD to FLAC tracks. Whichever format you choose, AudioConverter Studio will be at your service, offering hassle-free audio conversion.

Sometimes you may get big APE or FLAC files containing complete albums. These files may come with small CUE files having the same name. If you want to convert such FLAC to individual MP3 tracks, just start AudioConverter Studio and open the CUE file instead of the big FLAC or APE. The program will recognize the tracks, convert them to individual files and save information like title, artist, etc. to ID3 tags of the converted MP3s. Both ID3v1 and ID3v2 versions of tags are supported.

Most audio formats may have 1 (mono) or 2 (stereo) audio channels. Formats like WMA may contain up to 8 channels. While by default the stereo mode is suggested, you can quickly adjust the number of channels according to your requirements. In the same way, select the most appropriate bitrate and / or frequency in just a few clicks. For MP3, bitrates up to 320 Kbit/s are supported.

AudioConverter Studio can also sort your music while converting. By default, the filename of your source file is used, so track01.flac will be converted to track01.mp3 (if you convert FLAC to MP3). But the file may contain some additional information in its tags: title, artist, album, etc. AudioConverter Studio is capable of using this information for naming converted files and creating folders for them. For example, with a format like Artist\Year - Album\Track# - Title any Audio CDs that you rip will be sorted in your music folder automatically by artist, then by year and album, then by track number and title. So you get a nicely structured collection without any additional effort.

Main features:

  • Convert files from and to any supported formats, for example, convert FLAC to MP3, APE to MP3, MP3 to WAV, FLAC to WMA, WMA to MP3, and so on. You can also change MP3 bitrate.
  • Rip Audio CDs to MP3, FLAC, APE, and any other supported format.
  • Convert and split large FLAC or APE albums to individual MP3 tracks using information from CUE files.
  • Copy music tags (information about title, artist, album, etc.) to converted files.
  • Automatically load titles and other album-related information for Audio CDs from CD-Text or from online databases.
  • Organize converted files, using information from tags: create folders, apply your own filename pattern automatically.
  • Convert files from M3U and PLS playlists. Create such playlists for converted files automatically.
  • Easily adjust bitrate, frequency and number of channels (mono, stereo, etc.). The full range of MP3 bitrates (up to 320 Kbit/s) is supported. Furthermore, you can use variable bitrate for better quality with smaller file sizes.
  • Add custom presets to switch between your favorite format settings easily.
  • Convert audio on any editions of Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7.


Thank you! I am enjoying your product very much. It saves me so much time in my work where certain projects require large batch conversion of .WAV files to .WMA files. Previously my colleagues and I were doing this manually!

Luca Lepori


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