ManiacTools Reviews

Barbara Lee

Thank you for your very prompt customer service.

Christer Andersen

I have looked at MP3 tag for the last hour and I am really IMPRESSED. This is definitely the best one I’ve ever come across…

Cristian Llamas

I’m a new user to mp3. I’ve been trying its features for some days and I’ve got very surprised and pleased by the amount of things it does being a free software.

Bob Lange

I just downloaded the program and it works great! Thanks!


I just wanted to thank you for creating such a brilliant product!

I discovered your gem at when I was desperately searching for a solution to erase unwanted comments on my mp3s. Nothing else I had tried worked……until I found mp3Tag.

It got rid of the comments and allowed me to put the information that I wanted on them.

Thank you again for your excellent program.


I don’t speak your lang. but the program looks very nice!