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Organize your home library, create a book catalog

We read for fun and education, but is it always possible to keep track of all our books? We may give a book to our friend and forget about it. Sometimes a particular book is difficult to find, just because it is hidden somewhere in the second row of a bookshelf.

Booknizer is a book organizer that will help you sort your home library easily and in a convenient way. You can add any types of books into your database, including e-books (electronic books), usual paper books, and audio books (all popular audio book formats are supported). Depending on the type, you can choose the best method of adding your books to the database. For example, if you have quite a number of e-books, you can simply select the folders containing your book files. The built-in file scanner of Booknizer will extract necessary information from the files (PDF, MOBI, EPUB, PRC, FB2, DOC, DOCX, and other formats are supported), including titles, authors, covers, description etc. This information will be saved to your book database along with links to the corresponding files. Later you will be able to find the book using Booknizer and read it directly from the program.

  • Paper books
  • Electronic books
  • Audio books

Audio books can be added to your database in a similar way, using the built-in file scanner. Booknizer supports all popular audio formats, including MP3, M4a, M4b, MP4, AAC, and others. The program includes a built-in audio player, so it is possible to listen to your audio books directly in the program. There is also support for external software players, you can associate your audio books with any player of your choice.

What about paper books? Well, one cannot use a file scanner on them, but there are other options. First of all, any book (including audio books and e-books) can be added by title. Just enter the title in the corresponding field of the "Add book" dialog, and Booknizer will download information about the book from the internet.

However, as usual, Booknizer offers you more options. If you have a barcode scanner, just scan the barcodes of your books into the program, and Booknizer will do the rest automatically (recognize titles, download information about the books etc.). The library manager also accepts barcodes and ISBNs entered manually. If you do not have any barcode scanner, try scanning barcodes with your webcam.

After adding your books to the catalog, you can sort and search them in different ways, create wish lists, enter your own comments, rate your books, export and print reports and statistical charts, and more. You will always know where exactly the physical items of your library (paper books, audio CDs etc.) can be found, using the location and book number fields. The built-in loan manager will track loaned books. The powerful search engine will help you select a number of books that satisfy certain conditions (for example, all unread books by John Grisham released after 2003).

Booknizer is also notable for its ability to work with authors. Using the "Add author" dialog, you can download information about your favorite authors from the internet, including bibliography, biography, photos, and other details. If you have a book in your database and want to learn more about its author, just click the name of the author and hit "Download".

Most items displayed by Booknizer are clickable. If you browse the page of some crime book from your library and want to display all books of this genre from your library, just click the "Crime" entry. Click the year entry to let the program display all books from your library published in this year. Click on the author's name will open the page of the author, as we have already mentioned. Just experiment a bit, clicking various entries, to explore the features of the book organizer.

Organize your books easily with Booknizer!


  • All types of books in one catalog
  • Information about e-books and audio books is extracted from files while scanning
  • Download information about books and authors from the internet
  • Download biographies and bibliographies of authors
  • Synchronize your library with any e-book reader device: Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble's Nook and others