Audio CD Burner Studio

Audio CD Burner Studio 6.0

  • Burn Audio CDs easily
  • From MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG
  • CD-Text support
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Burn Audio CD from MP3, WMA, WAV easily!

Audio CD Burner Studio opens a new dimension to Audio CD burning. This smart tool can create an Audio CD in a single click. Just drag and drop music files from Windows Explorer or add them manually and hit "Burn". Audio CD Burner Studio automatically processes your files, extracts information from MP3 and WMA tags, creates a proper Audio CD. Making Audio CDs was never so simple!

Behind this simplicity hides a full-featured professional burning engine that provides high quality and all necessary features. Audio CD Burner Studio supports all existing write methods and the full range of write speeds offered by your CD/DVD burner device.

Yet another nice feature of the program is the automated support for CD-Text. Initially the Audio CD format didn't support any textual information, and all tracks were displayed like the following: 'track 01', 'track 02' etc. This didn't tell much about particular songs, so later a small field was added to the format. This field called CD-Text contains description of all tracks on the CD, which includes information about artist, titles, album, and so on. Many software and hardware players are capable of reading this field and displaying relevant information while playing tracks.

Audio CD Burner Studio automatically reads necessary information from MP3 and WMA tags and writes it to the CD-Text field. Play newly created Audio CDs in your car audio or Hi-Fi system and get information about tracks on its display.

The program works properly with both CD-R and CD-RW (rewritable) media. If you have a CD-RW with some information that is no more needed, the program will prompt you to erase the CD-RW before writing new information.

The built-in player will help you recognize individual songs when creating a compilation. Tracks can be sorted or rearranged in the list manually by using "Up" and "Down" buttons.

Burn your Audio CDs with style and comfort!

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