Initially the Audio CD format didn’t support any textual information, so it was impossible to save information about titles, artist, album on an Audio CD. That’s why tracks on such CDs are always displayed as “Track 01” , “Track 02” etc. This doesn’t tell us much about a particular song.

Later a small field was added to the format. This field is called CD-Text, and it contains information about all tracks on the Audio CD. Using this field, players are able to display titles, artists and other information properly. Both hardware (car audio, Hi-Fi systems etc.) and software players recognize and can use CD-Text of Audio CDs.

Audio CD Burner Studio supports CD-Text. If you burn MP3 to Audio CD and ID3 tags of the MP3 files are not empty, the program automatically extracts information about titles, artists, albums etc. and writes it to the newly created CD. However, you can also change the information according to your wishes directly in the program. Just click the value to change in the list and type in new information:

Edit CD-Text manually

You can fill out the “CD Artist” and “CD Title” fields just above the list.

Use Drag&Drop to burn Audio CDs faster. Sort tracks by any field or change the order manually. With the built-in player your can easily recognize individual songs when creating an Audio CD compilation. If there are several CD/DVD burners on your system, select the one you want to use from the list on the toolbar. Adjust speed and other settings, if necessary.