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Ebook Reader Pro

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EPUB, MOBI, and FB2 reader for your PC

Whether you already have a large electronic book library or are only currently working on that, you are most likely looking for a reliable program that will help you keep track of the books you have, as well as provide all the necessary information for all your reading needs, including information about authors, their list of books, and so on. What if you could have it all in one program that you can also use as a reader? Ebook Reader Pro provides all the tools that are necessary for making reading your e-books as comfortable as possible, such as keeping notes and bookmarks, and much more. It supports all the most common e-book formats, including FB2, FB2.ZIP, EPUB, MOBI, and PRC.

Reading tools

You can switch between numerous display options, starting from display color theme (day and night – for white and black background respectively, and silver – for a gray one) to a full-screen mode. In addition, there are font and line spacing size increasing and decreasing options. The program allows the display of up to three pages at once.

Ebook reader memorizes your reading place. And when you need to easily navigate your e-books, simply scroll to turn pages and use the side bar to see the book contents. The toolbar on top also features a search bar that allows you to look for individual words or sentences.

One of the unique features of Ebook Reader Pro is the ability to translate words, groups of words or text fragments in Google translator. To get redirected to the translator page in your browser, simply select a part of text and use the hot key combination (Ctrl + T) or the right click. You can also similarly look up phrases, words, names, or any parts of the text in Google or Wikipedia.

To keep track of the most important parts of your electronic books and add your comments, use the notes feature. You can select any color for your notes, while the special notes menu will help you navigate them by color or by type (with or without text).

Managing information

To add books to Ebook Reader’s library, drag&drop the files in the program window or use the toolbar on top to add each book as a separate file or search your computer folders for the relevant files.

Once the books are added, they are featured in the main home menu. Similarly, authors are added to the same menu, below the list of books. Both the books and the authors can be displayed in either the order they have been added in, or in an alphabetical one. Books can also be viewed as a third type of list, where only the ones that are currently being read are displayed.

The author pages feature the list of books in the library by this author. You can edit book info or add/ delete a book abstract, as well.

Author pictures and book covers can be changed to different ones from the files on your computer. You can also add an author or a book to your favorites in just one click.


  • Intuitive user-friendly interface
  • Easy library, author, and book search
  • All the key e-book formats support
  • Add notes and navigate them by color or type
  • Various text and page display options