MP3 Recorder Studio

MP3 Recorder Studio X

  • Record audio directly to MP3 or WAV
  • Record from any source
  • Skip silence or split by it
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Easy and affordable audio recorder!

MP3 Recorder Studio is a small and user friendly application that allows you to record every sound on your computer. You can choose to record audio from only one source (for example, from microphone), or just to record all sounds that you hear. The program offers simple intuitive interface that requires no special knowledge. It can record sound directly to MP3, which saves disk space and allows you to do two steps in one. However, if you need your sound as WAV, MP3 Recorder Studio supports this function as well. Both MP3 and WAV quality is fully configurable, it is possible to set frequency, bitrate, mode (stereo or mono).

Another great function that distinguishes MP3 Recorder Studio among similar products is silence detection. The program is able to record any sound and skip silence, if you choose to do so. You can set how much silence is allowed. With help of threshold value it is possible to record sound only if it is loud enough, or just to record everything.

MP3 Recorder Studio can automatically split files while recording sound, starting a new file every given period of time. It is also able to record all audio into the same file, while skipping silence. These functions may be useful if you want the program to monitor and record online conferences: it will record the discussions and skip pauses between them.

Capturing sound from all sources allows you to record even copy protected content without loss of quality. MP3 Recorder Studio can be used to convert protected WMA, AAC, M4P, M4B, AA audio into non-protected MP3 or WAV.

If you are looking for non-expensive feature-rich quality sound recorder, MP3 Recorder Studio may be just the right choice. Its interface is self-explainable, but if you have questions, the detailed help and friendly support are always at your service.

In short, MP3 Recorder Studio is able to:

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