MP3 Recorder Studio can be used to convert copy-protected music. If you purchase some music online but want to use it on a different device, you aren’t able to do this, unless you remove copy protection. However, removal of copy protection is usually prohibited.

From the other side, most countries allow to make copies even from copyrighted material, if your copy is for personal use. Thus, with help of MP3 Recorder Studio you can create a copy from copyrighted material for your personal use without violating laws (you won’t hack the copy-protection). Please consult copyright laws of your country to see if you are allowed to do so.

To create a copy, launch MP3 Recorder Studio. Set appropriate quality and format, take a look into “Splitting Options” (most probably you will use no splitting, or splitting by silence). Set recording device to “Stereo Mix” or “What U Hear”. Make sure that sound from microphone will not interfere. Click “Record” button.

Start the application you use to hear to copy-protected music. Let it play the songs that you want to convert. MP3 Recorder Studio will capture the sound and produce a high-quality copy. If you need to convert several songs at once, you can choose to skip silence and to split files by silence.

Please note that downloading and copying copyrighted materials is infringement and illegal. You should only use this product for legal purposes. Only upload/convert files that you made or that you are authorized to use.