AudioConverter Studio allows changing bitrate, frequency and mode of audio files in one click at high speed and quality. Thus it can be used as MP3 bitrate changer, OGG bitrate changer, WMA bitrate changer etc.

Bit rate is the speed of transferring data between devices. The less bit rate is the less quality you get. You can choose between different modes like stereo, mono, joint stereo, dual channel. Mono means a single audio channel. Stereo usually means two audio channels. JStereo is a method to save additional space while keeping the stereo signal, exploiting the fact that most music contains relatively little difference between the left and right audio channels. Dual channel fixes the bit rate of each channel so that it is exactly half for the entire length of the audio. And frequency is the number of times a sound vibrates per unit of time. So selecting values for bit rate, frequency and mode is quite important.