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Rip Audio CD to MP3

AudioConverter Studio contains two applications in a single interface. Firstly, it can convert audio files from one format to another. The program supports such popular audio formats as FLAC, APE, MPC, OGG Vorbis, WMA, WAV, MP3.

The second tool is Audio CD ripper. AudioConverter Studio is capable of ripping Audio CDs into any of the supported formats. As an example, we will consider ripping an Audio CD to MP3.

Insert an Audio CD into your CD/DVD device. Wait until it's recognized by the device. Cancel any auto-play program associated with Audio CDs on your computer. Launch AudioConverter Studio.

You can rip Audio CDs both in the classic mode and in the wizard mode. For our example we take the wizard mode.

It is recommended to insert the Audio CD to rip before starting the program. If you inserted your CD after launching AudioConverter Studio and see no tracks, you can simply restart the program.

By default, AudioConverter Studio starts in the wizard mode. If for some reason you don't see any wizard, press "Ctrl" + "W" on your keyboard, or select "File" - "Show Wizard".

Rip Audio CD

Choose to rip Audio CD (the third option). Click "Next".

The program reads your Audio CD and detects if it has CD-Text information. If there is no CD-Text, AudioConverter Studio will try to retrieve information about your Audio CD from CDDB.

CDDB window

If you connect to the internet through a proxy server, you may need to enter its settings in the "Options" menu.

The program lists all tracks together with the retrieved album information:

Audio tracks to rip

Here you can select what tracks should be ripped. Uncheck tracks that you don't need.

If there are several CD/DVD devices on your computer and the program checks a wrong one, you can select the device you want to use from the dropdown list in the upper part of the window.

Click "Next" to continue.

Output folder and filename format for ripped files

At the step 3 of the wizard, set a folder to save output files. Click the folder icon to the right to get a "Browse" dialog.

Below the output path, there is a filename format field. To learn more about filename formats, please read this section.

Click "Next".

Output format

Step 4 of the wizard offers you to choose an output format and its settings. In our example, we rip our Audio CD to MP3 44KHz, 320 Kbit/s, Stereo. You can select a format and adjust settings according to your wishes. For instance, you could have chosen a lower bitrate, or FLAC (or any other supported format: OGG Vorbis, APE, MPC, WMA, WAV) as output format.

If you intend to use the settings quite often, you can add them to your favorites list by clicking the green plus.

Click "Next".

Step 5 of the wizard shows a summary of your settings.

Summary, click Finish to start ripping

If everything is correct, click "Finish" to rip your Audio CD.

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Thank you! I am enjoying your product very much. It saves me so much time in my work where certain projects require large batch conversion of .WAV files to .WMA files. Previously my colleagues and I were doing this manually!

Luca Lepori


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