With Music Duplicate Remover you can locate duplicate files on your computer by comparing their ID3 tags and properties or by sound. The set of simple rules helps you sort duplicates, so that important files are kept and low-quality or otherwise unwanted duplicates are deleted. However, with some files, you may need to decide whether to keep or to delete them by playing them.

Music Duplicate Remover offers two options.

Built-in Player

To use the built-in player, make sure that the “Use the built-in player” box is checked in “Settings“.

Double-click a file from the list of duplicates to start playing it, or highlight it and click the “Play” button on the toolbar.

Preview duplicates in the built-in player

To stop playing, click the “Stop” button (the black quadrate) on the toolbar.

External Player

Music Duplicate Remover can also use your system’s default audio player to preview duplicates. If you’d like to use an external player, make sure that the “Use the built-in player” box is not checked in “Settings“.

Your system’s default player is the player that starts if you double-click a file of the corresponding format (MP3, WMA etc.) in Windows Explorer. If no player starts, you may need to associate the file format with some player.

To start playing a file, double click it in the duplicate list, or highlight it and press the “Play” button on the toolbar (like above). To stop playing, you will need to switch to the external player and use its controls.