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General Settings

Music Duplicate Remover will help you eliminate duplicate files on your computer. It can compare audio files by sound or by ID3 tags and properties. The program comes preconfigured, so you can remove duplicates in just a few clicks. However, it may be handy to adjust grouping options, so that the program automatically recognizes files that you'd like to keep and marks for removal files that you don't need.

Further customization is provided by the main settings menu.

Click "File" - "Settings":

File - Settings

This will open the "General" tab of the "Settings" menu:

General settings of the duplicate cleaner

Here we can see several options:

  • By default check files that aren't found in the non-duplicate folder list - if checked, this will mark duplicate files for removal. Files in a non-duplicate folder (see "Sort duplicates") will not be marked for removal, no matter how many duplicates the program finds there. However, these non-duplicates will also be shown in the list, so you can review and mark them for removal (or even delete one by one) manually.
  • Show an intermediate result when parsing tags - if checked, will populate the list of duplicates in the process of checking ID3 tags. Alternatively, it can show all results immediately at the end of the process.
  • Delete files to the Recycle bin - will delete all duplicates removed with the program into the Recycle bin, so you can later recover them if you change your mind or if you mistakenly mark some important file as a duplicate. When the box is unchecked, the program will delete duplicate files irrevocable.
  • Use the built-in player - if checked, the program will use the built-in player to preview duplicates. Alternatively your system's default player can be used for the purpose.


The next tab is called "View options". Let's open it:

View settings of the duplicate cleaner

The tab controls behavior of the visual elements of Music Duplicate Remover.

  • Hide the folder panel after a scan - will hide the directory structure area (the left panel), after you press "Find duplicates". This will make more room for the list of duplicates. In order to get the area back, just depress the "Folders" button on the toolbar.
  • Show "Grouping options" after a scan - will go to the "Grouping options" tab after scanning selected folders for duplicate files. This will allow you to sort duplicates.
  • Save selected folders - will store information about selected folders between sessions, so the folders that you select now will be selected the next time you start the program.
  • When stopping, as if the search status should be saved - Music Duplicate Remover can save information about the current unfinished scan to a file. This information will be used next time to continue the scan instead of rescanning all selected folders again.
  • Ask for a folder when copying files - will display a dialog allowing you to select a folder where duplicates should be copied or moved.
  • Minimize when searching - here you can specify how the program should be minimized when it is searching for duplicates (and you press the "Background" button). Music Duplicate Remover can be minimized to the system tray (aka notification area), to the taskbar, or to the both.


The last tab of the "Settings" menu is "Colors". Here you can specify font and background colors for various items of the duplicates list. This will help you easily distinguish between different elements.

Color settings of the duplicate cleaner

Music Duplicate Remover comes with preinstalled colors, but you can customize them on this tab.

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I bought the music duplicater and it works great. I managed to remove 1500 songs. It saved me 50 gb worth of songs.

Very happy with it.

Anonymous, UK