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Creating Playlists

In addition to renaming and tagging audio files, the MP3 tag editor can create playlists. Such playlists contain information on how files should be played in media players like Winamp or Windows Media Player. Creating playlists resembles exporting tags to a text file.

Select the files that should be included in the playlist. In the "ID3 tags" area, click "Export/Playlists" on the toolbar:

Create M3U and PLS Playlists

A new window will be shown. From the "Export to" field, select the type of playlist that should be created. mp3Tag Pro supports M3U and PLS playlists.

In the bottom part of the window, click "Save playlist or Export data". Select a location to save your playlist and type some name into the "Save as" dialog.

Finally, hit "Save". From now on you can use the playlist with virtually any media player.

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mp3Tag is great, by the way. I am a bit of an addict when it comes to music. I download a lot of music files from blogs and many of them are poorly tagged and named. mp3Tag makes the process of making them more useful so very easy. I have hundreds of files from a time before I purchased mp3Tag and am now going through those files to fix them. I simply could not do this without mp3Tag.

Keep up the great work. I look forward to future versions.



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