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Using ID3 Tags In Joiner

Audio files contain additional fields for meta information, like artist, title of the song, album etc. This meta information is often referred to as ID3 tags. Visual MP3 Splitter & Joiner can equip its output with this kind of information, and we've already seen how the splitter deals with ID3 tags.

Joiner behaves similarly. However there is only one output file now, and many input parts. So, what happens?

ID3 tags in joiner

The program takes ID3 tags from the first added file. If it has none, you may need to type desired information in by yourself. However if some part already has the needed tags, you can simply add it first and then move it down to its place with "Down" button.

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One of the main reasons I bought Visual MP3 Splitter was the Silent detection tool. It worked very well and was a great time saver when splitting several mp3 files containing whole CD's.

I must also mention that the team at ManiacTools was very helpful when I got in to some trouble with a file that had a garbled header. I don't how they did it but now I split that file too...

Bertil Palmqvist, Sweden


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