AudioConverter Studio was designed, of course, to convert audio between different formats and to rip Audio CDs. But if your source files have tags (containing information about titles, artists, albums etc.), you can also organize your collection while converting or ripping.

Imagine that some new files in your collection are in a wrong format and don’t follow the naming pattern of your collection. Normally you have to convert the files into the right format and then rename them to match your pattern. These are two steps, and each one requires its own application.

With AudioConverter Studio you can convert and rename your files in a single step. Furthermore, you can create any desired structure of folders and sort converted files into the folders.

Filename format can be selected at the step 3 of the wizard mode, or in the “Tags and Filenames” area of the classic mode:

Here you can select pattern to name converted files

On the screenshot above, some predefined filename formats are listed. You can remove formats from the list (select a format and click the yellow minus) or add your own formats by typing variables into the field and clicking the green plus.

There are following variables:

  • <Track> – track number (from tags).
  • <Title> – title of the song (from tags).
  • <Artist> – artist (from tags).
  • <Album> – album (from tags).
  • <Year> – year (from tags).
  • <Old filename> – the filename of the source file.

These variables can be used in any succession with any allowed symbols between them. The backslash symbol ‘\’ is used to create a folder inside the output folder. For example, this format:

<Artist>\<Track> - <Title>

will create a folder with the name taken from the “Artist” field of the tag. Files will be saved into this folder with the name pattern: Track# – Title.

If you convert a bunch of files from different artists, the files will be sorted into the corresponding folders, i.e. songs of Bon Jovi will be saved inside a “Bon Jovi” folder, and songs of Britney Spears will be sorted into a “Britney Spears” folder.

If your files don’t contain any tag information, you can create new tags with AudioConverter Studio. Alternatively, you can use a powerful ID3 tagger tool from ManiacTools, mp3Tag.

Not sure what to use? Try <Old filename>.