One-click MP3 Split vs Precise Marking

Visual MP3 Splitter & Joiner can split MP3 and WAV files in many ways: by parts, by time, by size, by silence, using a CUE file. However, it also shows the waveform of the file you open, and it is possible to set cut points directly on the waveform. This is called visual splitting, and it's the source of the program's name.

Splitting an MP3 visually

By default, Visual MP3 Splitter & Joiner is set up to create a splitting point every time you click on the waveform. This makes MP3 splitting pretty straightforward: scroll through the waveform, click where the file is to be split, then click the "Split" button on the toolbar. After this, you can find the extracted MP3 parts in the output folder (see the bottom of the window).

Visual MP3 Splitter & Joiner does not change your source files, so you can split your MP3 and WAV safely. If something is wrong, you can load the source file again and re-split it.

The one-click MP3 splitting method is very quick, but in some situations you may prefer to set splitting points more exactly. This is where the "Precise marking" mode may work better.

You can switch to the precise marking mode using the special button on the toolbar:

Splitting modes

On the screenshot above, we can see that the "One-click split" mode is selected (see the button image). Click the "Precise marking" item.

Now a click on the waveform does not create any parts. Instead, it sets a possible start point for a new part.

A right-button click sets a possible end point for the new part.

Once you are satisfied with the start / end points, click the "Add" button on the right panel to add the part to the splitting list. Before you click the "Add" button, nothing is added, and you can continue to adjust start / end points using left / right clicks. After adding a part, you can start selecting another one.

A double-click on the waveform starts the built-in player from the position of the click, which is how you can easily check what it sounds like at that point.

The precise marking mode allows to extract overlapping parts, which is difficult to do with the one-click splitting mode. You can also extract a small part of your MP3 or WAV file without creating parts that you do not need.

Click the "Split" button on the toolbar to extract the selected parts into MP3 or WAV files (depending on the source format).

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