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  • Find MP3, FLAC, APE, M4a duplicates
  • Delete duplicate songs easily
  • Find duplicates by sound
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Find duplicate files by ID3 tags or by sound

Music Duplicate Remover is a powerful duplicate finder tool that will scan your hard drive (or any other storage device) for audio files and delete repeated files. It is possible to review scan results and easily rearrange the list to ensure that only unimportant duplicates are removed. On the other hand, the program comes preconfigured, so three clicks are enough to delete duplicates using the default settings.

  • Even on an average modern computer's hard disk drive, number of files can easily go over a million. How many is that? Well, if we look at each file just for one second, it will take us about two weeks to browse them all, if we work like a machine 24 hours a day.
  • With such numbers, there are many duplicates, but we cannot remove file duplicates without checking every one of them and building some kind of list, and that will take much more than two weeks... Or can we?

Music Duplicate Remover will compare audio files by "listening" to them or by looking at their parameters and ID3 tags. Depending on your computer, tens of thousands of music files can be checked in just a few minutes. The program will identify duplicate files and build a list of them.

Now we can remove duplicates with a single click on the "Delete duplicates" button. But there are other options, too.

First of all, it is possible to move duplicates to a special folder. In such way, you can let several days pass before taking the final decision and removing duplicate files for good.

Second, let's take a look at the "Grouping options" tab. It suggests a few very simple sets of rules that may greatly improve your experience with the program.

Do you prefer MP3, OGG Vorbis, or WMA? APE, FLAC, or MPC? Move audio formats up and down the list to set their priority. Music Duplicate Remover will locate duplicate files according to this setting. If you put MP3 on the top, the program will mark for removing duplicates in any other format and will always keep at least one copy in MP3. However, if there is no original file in MP3, the program will look for the next priority format.

In much the same way, you can easily choose whether to remove duplicate tracks with a higher bitrate value, or with a lower one.

The third grouping option allows you specifying important and less important folders. Files in important folders are treated as original files, copies in less important folders are always marked as duplicates. Even if the program finds several duplicates of the same file in an important folder, the files will be listed in the results, but not marked for duplicate file removal. You can review and mark them manually, if necessary.

Double-click a file from the list to preview it using the built-in player or an external player (the default audio player of your system).

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Features of Music Duplicate Remover in a nutshell:


I bought the music duplicater and it works great. I managed to remove 1500 songs. It saved me 50 gb worth of songs.

Very happy with it.

Anonymous, UK