Blog: Free YouTube to MP3 Converter for Mac OS X and other software updates

This month, we released a new completely free program and a couple of big updates. Let's take a closer look at them.

Free YouTube to MP3 Converter for Mac OS X

Free YouTube to MP3 Converter for MacSome time ago we released a free YouTube downloader and YouTube to MP3 converter for Windows. The program turned out to be very popular, so we decided to create a similar application for Mac. This fast and user-friendly tool can convert YouTube videos to MP3 and thus save YouTube music to your hard drive. Later you can transfer the files to your iPod, iPhone, or to another MP3-compatible player. It is also possible to download YouTube videos without converting them to anything, so, again, you can watch videos locally on your Mac or take them with you on your iPad.

We spent a lot of time creating the interface, as it had to be intuitive and simple. Just like its predecessor for Windows, Free YouTube to MP3 Converter for Mac OS X can work "in a single click". Just copy some YouTube link from your browser's address field, launch the converter, it automatically grabs the link from the clipboard and shows you some basic info about the video. Now, click the "Download" button (it's the only click within the program that you need to make). Alternatively, you can Drag&Drop the URL from your browser to the YouTube converter and click "Download".

Despite such simplicity, the program offers enough flexibility for demanding users. On its "Settings" tab, you can set the output format. MP3 and WAV are available. Yet another option is "Original file", this is for saving YouTube videos to your Mac without any changes. Quality of downloaded videos and parameters for output audio formats can be adjusted in settings, too. For example, you can choose to download HD videos (if such version is available for the clip selected by you), or save YouTube songs as 320 Kbit/s MP3s. Defaults are average: they provide good quality with reasonable file sizes.

Just like with the similar Windows program, Free YouTube to MP3 Converter for Mac OS X is completely free.

Movienizer 4.5

Movienizer - the movie organizerMovienizer is a powerful movie organizer program. As usual, the update introduces a bunch of new features: tabbed interface, password protection for your movie database, creating movie covers and information pages for WD TV media players, an option to create an illustrated movie catalog for Dune HD players in Flash.

More information about the new version you can find in the "What's New" section, here I will say just a few words about each feature.

Tabbed interface allows you to open several tabs and switch between them, just like in modern internet browsers. A simple click opens information about the item on the same time, CTRL+Click will open the information on a new tab. Thus you do not need to navigate back and forth when checking the filmography of some actor (as an example). You can keep the filmography on one tab and learn more about individual movies on others.

From now on, you can prevent other people from opening your database by entering a password. If a password is set, Movienizer will require it on every attempt to open the database. If you have several databases and choose to protect only one of them (for example, to prevent your kids from seeing the adult content), other people will still be able to open non-protected databases, but not the protected one.

Users of WD TV media players can enjoy creating illustrated movie catalogs in the format supported by WD TV. See movie covers and additional information on your TV instead of the simple file list, when browsing your collection with WD TV.

Another feature could be interesting for owners of Dune HD players. It is now possible to create a Dune movie catalog from Movienizer using a third-party program, Dune Flash Interface. The program creates the catalog in Flash, and Movienizer provides information about your movies. Of course, the built-in Dune module of Movienizer is also available.

Quick overview of other new features in Movienizer 4.5:

  • Quick search by filename and folder name.
  • You can edit the list of file extensions to be recognized when scanning your HDD or network drives for movies. Have some FLV movies? No problem, just add the .flv extension to the list and scan.
  • Open files and folders from Movienizer in Windows Explorer more easily.
  • The updated JeF user interface included.
  • A new version of the video file renaming plugin included.
  • A new version of the plugin that exports movie data to Windows Media Center and creates movie covers (folder.jpg) included.

mp3Tag Pro 7.2

MP3 Tag Editormp3Tag Pro is an advanced tag editor and music file renaming program that supports all popular audio formats. The new version updates the cover download feature and downloading tags from Amazon. It also includes new lyrics patterns (lyrics patterns allow you to download lyrics automatically for any number of songs).

New updates are already on their way. Just follow our news on Facebook and Twitter and be the first to learn about new programs and features.

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