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Q. I converted some MIDI file to WAV/MP3/WMA/OGG but I hear no sound or quality of sound is terrible

A: Well, this usually happens if you convert MIDI using sound recording. The reason is simple: your sound devices aren't configured properly, and recording level either too big (sound gets distorted), or too small (no sound). So, there are two solutions. You can switch MIDI Converter Studio so that it converts MIDI using SoundFonts. Or you can adjust your output and recording levels.

First, double click on Volume icon (near the clock).

Volume Control window will appear. Select menu item Options - Properties.

You should see Properties window. Please select Recording, then check Stereo Mix in list below. After this press OK, please.

You should see window with sliders. Please make sure that 'Stereo Mix' is selected.

Now we'll try to convert some MIDI file into WAV. We can see that Recording level is 100%. It's bad because sound in resulting file will be distorted.

To get a good quality we'll try to decrease Stereo Mix level. As we see, Recording level decreases too. Now we'll get normal sound in resulting file.

Try to keep Recording level less than 100% a little bit, then you shouldn't get distorted sound in the resulting file.

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I also use the MIDI converter software to create audio CDs for choir members to learn their parts. Some of them don't have computers and e-mail to use MIDI files, so with the converter I can give them a CD to play on standard audio equipment.

Earl Hughes


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