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Converting MIDI to MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG Using SoundFonts

This option MIDI Converter Studio uses by default.

Convert MIDI to MP3 with SoundFonts

Preferred conversion method and SoundFont package to use you can set in "Options" menu.

In the lower part of the main window, there are two tabs: Output folder and SoundFonts. Let's take a look at the latter one:

You can use several SoundFonts simultaneously

The program is distributed with only one SoundFont package (Chorium). You can download more and switch between them to find the best sound for a given MIDI file. There are a number of websites that offer SoundFonts for free, we list some of them on this page.

To add a SoundFont, click the green plus in the left lower corner and browse to the file with the usual "Open" dialog. To movie a SoundFont up or down, highlight it in the list and use the corresponding arrow buttons below.

When converting or playing your MIDI file, MIDI Converter Studio tries to find necessary instruments in the topmost SoundFont package. If some instruments aren't there, the program tries the second SoundFont package in the list, and so on until all instruments are found and can be rendered. Thus it's a priority list, and the topmost SoundFont package has the highest priority.

This feature allows you customizing instrument sets. You are not limited to the ready-made sets anymore.

MIDI Converter Studio supports SF2, SF, SF2PACK SoundFont files. If you get a SoundFont packed with some other SoundFont archive manager (like sfArk), you should extract it first. Then open it at the "SoundFonts" tab, as described above.

MIDI conversion with SoundFonts is simple, very quick, and it doesn't depend on your sound card's capabilities. You can produce music of professional quality on a system with just an ordinary sound card.

After loading a SoundFont into the program, use built-in player to check what your MIDI files will sound like with it.

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I also use the MIDI converter software to create audio CDs for choir members to learn their parts. Some of them don't have computers and e-mail to use MIDI files, so with the converter I can give them a CD to play on standard audio equipment.

Earl Hughes


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