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Custom Formats

Media Catalog Studio stores the information about your entire media collection in the database. Using the implicit SQL query language of the database you can display data in any order without writing a single line of the software code! For example, you want to display the albums of a particular group, and then only the songs. Or first media files type and then ratings followed by the artists’ names. Just generate visually the list of basic values which will set the order of data to be displayed in the format tree of main window. This can be done in the “Formats” window opened from the toolbar in main window:

Custom formats

The following values and their codes are possible:

  • %01 - Title
  • %02 - Artist
  • %03 - Album
  • %04 - Year
  • %06 - Comment
  • %07 - Bitrate
  • %08 - Freq
  • %09 - Duration
  • %10 - Genre
  • %11 - Drive letter
  • %12 - Disk label
  • %13 - File size, Mb
  • %14 - File size, bytes
  • %15 - Filename
  • %16 - Folder
  • %17 - Path
  • %18 - Tempo
  • %19 - Mood
  • %20 - Category
  • %21 - Rating
  • %22 - VBR flag
  • %23 - File type
  • %24 - Most played files
  • %25 - Playlists (only root node)
  • %26 - Code of a disk
  • %27 - Code of a file

The values are compared with the corresponding field of every file from the database and are displayed in the main window tree. For example %02 format will show the list of artists. To display also the albums of each artist you need to write \%03 where the backward slash represents the creation of a new tree sub- level. Tree entries can be set in any form – you can both set several values simultaneously and add any symbols. %03 (%04) formats will give you, for instance, the albums list with the years of release in brackets.

To create the format visually you need to select the necessary basic value from the right part of the window and then click button Add string to format. Alternatively you can enter the corresponding code straight to the format field. Apart from the format code it is recommended to include the text description which will be displayed in the tree and the format picture. For %01\%02 format you can set the description Artist\Album.

Note: during the visual creation of the format the description is added automatically.

To change the existing format click button Save, to create a new one – use button Add new format. To delete the selected format press down Delete format .

Apart from the text description you can add the graphic picture from collection supplied with the software. Just select the picture from the drop-down list Picture and then save the format.

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With my media library growing everyday I was looking for a way to organize it all. I found Media Catalog and plan to stick with it. This program searches all available media devices/drives to locate any type of digital type media. Once you install this program and search for media it immediately creates a very detailed catalog of your media. Media Catalog then takes that information and creates a great deal of options for you, such as, searching your music media by Artist or by year. This program is pretty good to have handy.



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