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What's new in mp3Tag Pro 9.3?

[!] It is now possible to edit additional fields: song rating, language, publisher, mood.

With mp3Tag Pro 9.3 you can edit more fields of your music files. You will find the new fields in the "ID3 tags" area, next to the old fields (on the right). The fields are displayed when there is enough space - if you make the window small enough, they will disappear.

New tag fields

Information from the new fields can also be shown in the file list. Just like previously, you can right-click the title of some column to select which columns are to be displayed:

Display columns

If you do not use the new tag fields, you can disable them on the "View" tab of the "Options" window:

Disable new fields

The new fields can be saved to files in the formats that support such fields (like MP3).

[!] Variables for a number of fields were added. Values of these fields can now be imported / exported and used when renaming audio files.

Variables in mp3Tag Pro are used to manipulate values of tag fields. For example, you can easily rename and sort thousands of audio files at once using information from tag fields.

mp3Tag Pro 9.3 offers a number of new variables:

New variables

This allows to export information stored in the fields, for which the new variables were added, import such information from a CSV file, use the values when renaming and sorting files, etc.

[*] Changed tags that haven't been saved yet are highlighted with a color. Additionally, a text message is displayed.

Did you ever forget to save your newly entered tags? mp3Tag Pro 9.3 will alert you by highlighting the unsaved fields with yellow:

Unsaved tags

You can select a different color on the "View" tab of the "Options" window.

[-] Fixed editing year directly in the file list.

A problem was discovered in the previous version of mp3Tag Pro: while users can change tags directly in the file list, the "Year" tag kept reverting to its original state, unless one edited it in the 'ID3 tags' area.

Edit year in the list

In mp3Tag Pro 9.3, year can be edited in the list just like other fields.

[-] Fixed a bug that might cause reading / saving tags in a wrong encoding (non-ANSI characters).

In a certain scenario the previous version of mp3Tag Pro might fail to encode non-ANSI characters correctly, which resulted in replacing non-Latin letters with unrecognizable symbols:

Wrong tags

This was fixed in mp3Tag Pro 9.3.

[-] Fixed other bugs.

mp3Tag Pro 9.3 includes some further small improvements and bug fixes.

Changes in other versions

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mp3Tag is great, by the way. I am a bit of an addict when it comes to music. I download a lot of music files from blogs and many of them are poorly tagged and named. mp3Tag makes the process of making them more useful so very easy. I have hundreds of files from a time before I purchased mp3Tag and am now going through those files to fix them. I simply could not do this without mp3Tag.

Keep up the great work. I look forward to future versions.



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