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Multilingual ID3 Tag Editor

The MP3 tag editor offers easy-to-use multilingual interface. It automatically detects language of your system while installing and uses the language later. If you prefer to use another language, click menu item "File", point your mouse to "Language" and select a language from the list.

Dialogs are stored in a text form in the files with .lng-extension. If you speak language that isn't supported by the program, you are always welcome to translate .lng-file and send it us. We will publish it with a reference to you. This will also give you the right to get a free version of mp3Tag Pro.

Please contact us before translating!

It is also possible to translate the help. We will provide the contributor with the original files needed for translating.

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mp3Tag is great, by the way. I am a bit of an addict when it comes to music. I download a lot of music files from blogs and many of them are poorly tagged and named. mp3Tag makes the process of making them more useful so very easy. I have hundreds of files from a time before I purchased mp3Tag and am now going through those files to fix them. I simply could not do this without mp3Tag.

Keep up the great work. I look forward to future versions.



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