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What's new in AudioConverter Studio 9.0?

[!] Updated sound engine.

AudioConverter Studio 9.0 includes the latest versions of sound processing libraries, which allows to convert the most recent revisions of the supported audio formats correctly.

[!] It is now possible to mirror the directory structure of your source files in your output location.

With AudioConverter Studio, you can convert audio files from many folders at once. If you add a folder that contains subfolders (nested folders), audio files from all subfolders will be added.

While the program can create new folders based on information from tags, you may want to repeat your old structure regardless of tags. In AudioConverter Studio 9.0 you can do that by selecting the "Old file structure" entry in the 3rd step of the wizard:

Mirror the old structure of folders

or in the "Tags and filenames" area in the classic mode:

Old file structure in the classic mode

[+] Showing tag information in the file list.

In the classic mode, AudioConverter Studio now shows information from audio tags (ID3, FLAC, APE, etc.). To select fields that you'd like to be displayed, right-click the title of any column.

Information from ID3 tags

[+] AudioConverter Studio can now skip files that are already in the destination format.

If you want to convert your music collection into your preferred format, you can easily select the main folder, set the format and start converting. However, if some files in your collection are already in the selected format, it's hardly a good idea to convert them again. This will take some time and may reduce quality (if the selected format is lossy).

AudioConverter Studio 9.0 has an option to skip such files. Just click "File" - "Options..." and enable the "Skip files that are already in the destination format" box:

Skip files that are already in the selected format

[+] You can find folders by entering the first letters of their names.

In the classic mode, you can now easily scroll down to the folders that you'd like to convert by pressing letter keys on your keyboard. For example, to find the "Joe Cocker" folder, we typed "jo" on the keybard:

Press letter keys on your keyboard to find folders

[+] There is an option to save your user name into the "Encoded by" field of music tags.

By default, AudioConverter Studio saves your user name into the "Encoded by" field of ID3 tags. You can disable this by clicking "File" - "Options..." and unchecking the "Save your user name into the Encoded By field" box:

Encoded by

[+] A side button click opens the parent folder of the currently selected one.

Yet another new feature of AudioConverter Studio 9.0 allows navigating between folders in the classic mode more easily. Use the side mouse button (if your mouse has one) to navigate to the parent folder (level up):

Go to the parent folder

[-] Small improvements and bug fixes.

There are other minor improvements and bug fixes in AudioConverter Studio 9.0.

Changes in other versions

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Thank you! I am enjoying your product very much. It saves me so much time in my work where certain projects require large batch conversion of .WAV files to .WMA files. Previously my colleagues and I were doing this manually!

Luca Lepori


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