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Free Ringtone Studio 9.0

  • Creare suonerie da MP3, M4A...
  • Facilmente tagliare e caricare su iPhone
  • Facile da usare e gratuito
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Create ringtones for your iPhone

Create new iPhone ringtones from your favorite songs easily with Free Ringtone Studio!

iPhone is an extraordinarily easy-to-use device, and you can buy new ringtones without any effort. But what if you don't want to spend $1.29 for each new ringtone?

Free Ringtone Studio is a specialized program for creating and copying ringtones. Just connect your iPhone to your computer, start Free Ringtone Studio and add your favorite songs. The program will automatically select 30-second parts, skipping any initial silence. You will only need to click the "Copy to phone" button.

Free Ringtone Studio cuts tunes, converts them to the required format and copies the new ringtones to you phone, at the same time updating your iPhone database. Everything is done automatically, and you only need to add music files.

Personalized ringtones are fun and make your phone unique.

Free Ringtone Studio will help you:

  • Create your individual ringtone in just a couple of clicks.
  • Copy the new ringtone to your iPhone.

Additionally, the program can manage your existing ringtones and back them up to your computer.

Free Ringtone Studio supports the most popular audio formats: MP3, M4A, M4R, WMA, APE, OGG, MPC, WAV. The selected music is automatically converted into the proper iPhone ringtone format.

Selecting tunes is as easy as clicking on the waveform of a song. Free Ringtone Studio automatically removes the silence at the beginning of music files (this option can be disabled), which makes sure that your phone starts ringing immediately, without any delay. By default, 30-seconds ringtones are suggested, but you can select them manually, or change this value in the program settings.

Important: the current version of Free Ringtone Studio works with iPhone only.

Download Free Ringtone Studio and make your own ringtone in a few seconds! It's easy and completely free!


  • Creare suonerie in pochi clic
  • Copiare automaticamente le suonerie appena create il vostro iPhone.
  • Lasciare che il programma crea automaticamente nuove suonerie o ritagliare manualmente i tuoi pezzi preferiti
  • Completamente gratuito


Thank you for good software.

Stanislav Zharkov