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Multilingual Interface

Music Duplicate Remover offers an easy-to-use multilingual interface. It automatically detects the language of your system while installing itself and uses the language later. If you prefer to use another language, click the "File" menu item, point your mouse to "Language" and select a language from the list.

Music Duplicate Remover supports multiple languages

Dialogs are stored in a text form in the files with .lng-extension. If you speak language that isn't supported by the program, you are always welcome to translate .lng-file and email it to us. We will publish it with a reference to you. This will also give you the right to get a free license for Music Duplicate Remover.

Please contact us before translating!

It is also possible to translate the help. We will provide the contributor with original files needed for translating.

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I bought the music duplicater and it works great. I managed to remove 1500 songs. It saved me 50 gb worth of songs.

Very happy with it.

Anonymous, UK