Movienizer allows to automatically extract all information about movies – title, cast crew, genre, year, covers etc. Just type the name of the movie or its part (if you don’t remember the full name), and the most related results will be delivered to your computer. Besides, you can download data about any person, specifying his/her name, as well. Movienizer takes information from different movie-related Internet databases, such as IMDB. This is done with the help of special built-in scripts. These are Pascal coded elements that can be added by users of the program. Take a look at how it can be done at our forum.

Currently Movienizer has scores of ready to use scripts. They support popular sites in almost all European languages. Having little knowledge of programming, our users can improve the program themselves by writing a script for a new site. If you find an interesting movie source, you can share it with other users through our forum or send it to the developers of Movienizer.