Movienizer downloads information about movies available in your collection and about persons from the internet. It uses special ‘plugins’ called scripts for this purpose. When information on the internet changes, the corresponding script has to be updated. By default, Movienizer checks for new versions of scripts that you use at every launch.

Update scripts

You can disable this check by unselecting “Check for new scripts automatically when starting”. However, this is not recommended, as an outdated script will download incomplete or corrupted information.

From time to time you may check for updates manually, especially if you use several online databases. Click “Tools” – “Update scripts” to show the above window.

Tools - Update scripts

If you check “Download missing scripts” the program will fetch scripts that aren’t available on your computer (for example, accidentally deleted scripts or brand new scripts). Clicking “Check all scripts” will get updates for all scripts, and “Check used scripts” will only get updates for the scripts that are currently active.