Movienizer is able to deal with huge numbers of movies and personalities. You can keep its database as big as you want. It is possible to collect information about virtually every film produced in the world since the very beginning of the movie era.

To manage such a big collection, you need powerful tools. Movienizer offers you a number of them. You can use its database search to filter entries according to your wishes. It is also possible to list a limited number of entries, for example, only the movies that start with an “A”. When adding a movie, you check “In collection” box to notify the program that you have the movie in your collection, and by default Movienizer lists only those movies. To list all movies from your database, click the following button on the toolbar

Show all movies of your collection, or all movies in the database

and select “Show all data”.

You can also use predefined types of lists offered on the “Collection” tab (left pane), or create your own lists:

Predefined listings

To use the filter by the first letter, click the desired letter and then open a tree below. The movies and personalities will be listed in the plain text, unlike on the “Movies” and “Persons” tabs. However, if you click a particular movie or person, you will get the usual details page on the right.

Yet another way to sort movies is applied to the main list (on the left). Click “Manage” – “Sort movie list by” and select the option you need:

Sort your list of movies

Use filters and search to create lists of movies by certain criteria.