Import from a Text File

With Movienizer you can enter information about movies from your collection and about people manually or download it from the internet. However, if you used another movie catalog program for some time, you may want to transfer the existing database instead of entering it all over again. For this purpose Movienizer offers two options: plugins and import from a text file. While plugins are very convenient, each of them supports only one certain database format. If there is no plugin for the program that you used you cannot transfer your collection.

Unless you use the import from text option.

In your source program (for example, in Microsoft Excel) choose to export your database as plain text (or as comma separated values text – so called CSV). Save the file. Then start Movienizer. Click “Tools” – “Import from text file”:

A new window will be shown. In the filename field, select the exported file.

The program will try to recognize values automatically. You may need to click “Preview” in order to refresh the list. If your file contains information about names of the fields check “First row contains field names”. Otherwise you may need to select corresponding values manually (see the list in the middle).

A preview is available in the bottom list. If you are satisfied with the preview click “Import” to import the movies into your Movienizer collection.