Movienizer has a number of predefined fields that are used to store different details about movies in your collection. Among these predefined fields are: Country, Location, Media Type, Genre, Actors etc. These fields are usually filled out automatically, as you add a movie to your collection.

But many users want to be able to store some additional information in their movie databases. For example, the personal experience with the movie, or some information that is not available in the predefined fields.

For this reason Movienizer supports custom fields.

You can find custom fields by clicking “Edit info” and selecting the “Other” tab.

But, first of all, you may want to name custom fields. This can be done in the “Options” menu. Open it by clicking “Tools” – “Options”, then select the “Custom fields” tab:

Name your fields

Here you can change names in the “Your name” column.  Just click the corresponding field’s name in the column and replace it.

There is a slight difference between custom fields and custom lists. Custom fields allow you to choose only one value for each movie. For example, if we take “Color”, every movie can be either black and white, or color.

Custom lists allow you to select several values for each movie. For instance, if you list short characteristics of a movie, like “Nice love story”, “Great special effects”, “Favorite actors”, there may be different possibilities. A movie can have none of the above, or have only special effects, or nice love story and special effects, or just every other combination of the items.

For our example, we are using only one custom field and one custom list.

Click “OK” to confirm your changes and to close the “Options” window.

Now we return to the “Edit info” – “Other”.

Add values to your custom fields

Our custom field and custom list are properly named, but they have no values! We need to add values. Click the highlighted “…” button.

Enter values

Here we can add, edit, or remove values of our custom fields. Let’s enter “Black & White” and “Color” for the “Color” field. Click “OK” to close the window, once ready.

Select values that apply to your movie and click Save

Now we can set up custom fields for our movie by selecting appropriate values. Don’t forget to click “Save”.

Custom fields can be set for a group of movies simultaneously. They also can be used to filter the main list.