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Quick Start: How to Convert MIDI and KAR into MP3/WAV/OGG/WMA

Let's convert a MIDI file right now, without looking at any specific settings, just to see MIDI Converter Studio at work.

Click "Add files..." button.

Usual "Open" dialog appears. Browse to your MIDI collection and select the file(s) you want to convert. Click "Open".

The selected files appear in "Input files" list.

In the lower part of the program's window you can set a folder where output files will be placed. Let's use the same folder where our original files are (you can select any other location on your computer).

Choose an output format.

Click large "Convert" button in the right lower corner of the program. Wait a bit to let MIDI Converter Studio accomplish its task, then find output in the given folder.

There are a number of additional options. It is possible to set ID3 tags, change audio quality, set tempo, choose different SoundFonts, pre-listen files before conversion, use Drag&Drop etc. We will consider these options in detail in the following sections.

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I also use the MIDI converter software to create audio CDs for choir members to learn their parts. Some of them don't have computers and e-mail to use MIDI files, so with the converter I can give them a CD to play on standard audio equipment.

Earl Hughes


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