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Ogg Vorbis Tags, OGG Tag Editor, OGG Tagger

Ogg Tags or Ogg comment fields are stored inside Ogg Vorbis-files.

Media Catalog Studio is compatible with WinAmp and Windows Media Player and 'understands' the following tag fields:

  • Number of track.
  • Name of song.
  • Artist.
  • Album.
  • Year.
  • Genre.
  • Comments.
  • Composer.
  • Original artist.
  • Copyright.
  • Internet address.
  • By whom the song was encoded.
  • Lyrics.

148 basic and unlimited number of custom genres is supported.

You can type OGG tag yourself in Tag Editor window.

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With my media library growing everyday I was looking for a way to organize it all. I found Media Catalog and plan to stick with it. This program searches all available media devices/drives to locate any type of digital type media. Once you install this program and search for media it immediately creates a very detailed catalog of your media. Media Catalog then takes that information and creates a great deal of options for you, such as, searching your music media by Artist or by year. This program is pretty good to have handy.



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