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MP3 Tags are stored inside MP3-files. There are different versions of tags: id3v1 and id3v2.

Tags of the first version (id3v1) contain the following fields:

  • Number of a track.
  • Name of song.
  • Artist.
  • Album.
  • Year.
  • Genre.
  • Comments.

So, id3v1 contains only a small part of song's info. Besides, its fields cannot exceed 30 symbols (if # of track is present, the length of comments cannot exceed 28 symbols). That's why the second version of id3 has been released later. Fields of this version (id3v2) are not limited in length. Moreover, now it is possible to save lyrics, photos, etc. in MP3-file. However, only a few programs 'understand' the whole value of available fields. Media Catalog Studio is compatible with MS Windows Media Player 9 and WinAmp 2.75. In addition to above mentioned fields, 'understands' the following:

  • Composer.
  • Original artist.
  • Copyright.
  • Internet address.
  • Author of encoding of the song .
  • Lyrics.
  • Pictures.

148 genres are supported for id3v1, plus custom genres for id3v2.

You can type MP3 tags yourself in Tag Editor window.

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