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What's new in AudioConverter Studio 9.1?

[!] Faster conversion thanks to several improvements.

AudioConverter Studio 9.1 converts audio files and rips Audio CDs faster than any previous version, while keeping quality at the same high level.

FLAC is being converted to MP3

[!] The program does not create any temporary files while converting.

When you converted audio files with a previous version of AudioConverter Studio, the program would first decompress the audio and save it as a WAV PCM file, and then encode the audio with the selected codec (FLAC, APE, MP3, etc.). This did not affect quality, as WAV PCM is a lossless format, but the program would still require some disk space for its temporary files. Furthermore, if huge files were converted, the resulting audio might be cut because of the size limitation in the WAV PCM format. AudioConverter Studio 9.1 converts files directly, without saving any temporary files.

[+] Added support for high-frequency FLAC files.

AudioConverter Studio 9.1 can now properly convert 96 KHz FLAC files. As usual, such files can be converted to any of the supported formats.

High-frequency FLAC files

[*] The track list of an Audio CD is refreshed automatically as you insert / remove the CD.

In previous versions of AudioConverter Studio you needed to click the "Refresh" button to show the contents of a newly inserted CD. AudioConverter Studio 9.1 tracks changes and updates the list automatically.

Audio CD tracks

[*] The program now releases source files immediately after conversion.

Previously AudioConverter Studio locked any files you converted until you closed the program. AudioConverter Studio 9.1 releases converted files immediately, so you can modify / delete them in another program even when you are still working with the converter.

[-] Fixed MP3 VBR (variable bitrate) conversion.

The 9.1 version fixes several problems related to creating MP3 VBR files.

Convert to MP3 VBR

[-] Fixed the option for deleting source files after successful conversion.

There is an option in the "Options" window of AudioConverter Studio that allows you to delete input files, after they have been successfully converted to your selected format. This option ceased to work in a previous version and was fixed in AudioConverter Studio 9.1.

Delete input files after conversion

[-] Fixed displaying names of CD/DVD drives.

There was a problem in previous versions of AudioConverter Studio that might lead to displaying garbled names of CD/DVD drives. This was fixed in 9.1.

CD device name

[-] Fixed other small bugs.

AudioConverter Studio 9.1 includes other improvements and bug fixes.

Changes in other versions

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Thank you! I am enjoying your product very much. It saves me so much time in my work where certain projects require large batch conversion of .WAV files to .WMA files. Previously my colleagues and I were doing this manually!

Luca Lepori


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