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Burner Settings

Audio CD Burner Studio doesn't require much setup. In fact, it is ready to burn Audio CDs immediately after you install it, and with the Drag&Drop technology you can even burn Audio CDs in a single click. It also automatically extracts and writes CD-Text information, like title, artist etc.

However, sometimes you may need to adjust some CD-specific settings, like write method and write speed. For example, some low quality CDs may become unreadable if written with a high speed, so you may want to set a lower speed. By default Audio CD Burner Studio uses the maximum speed of your device, but it can use any other speed supported by your device.

To get the settings window, click "File" - "Settings":

Settings of Audio CD Burner Studio

Select desired values and click "OK" to confirm changes.

If there are more than one CD/DVD burner device on your computer, select the one you want to use from the "CD/DVD drive" list on the toolbar. Use the built-in player to recognize individual songs if you create an Audio CD compilation and adjust the order of tracks.

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