MIDI to MP3 With Several SoundFonts

Technically SoundFonts are banks of recorded audio samples together with some rules on how to use them on different pitches and dynamic levels. These samples can be used by a software or hardware synthesizer to produce music. The name itself, "SoundFont", is not a technical term, it's a registered trademark and a brand name. However, due to its popularity, it is often used to refer to the technology of creating music with the help of pre-recorded samples.

There are many different free and commercial SoundFonts available on the internet. One can create new SoundFonts using a number of available tools (like Polyphone).

It is easy to guess that the same MIDI file may sound differently with different SoundFonts. MIDI Converter Studio is distributed with one collection SoundFont. 'Collection' means that the SoundFont includes a collection of samples for almost all musical instruments. One can find SoundFonts for individual instruments, or for small groups of instruments. Such SoundFonts will not be able to play all instruments from a complex MIDI file, but they may produce far better sound for the instruments they do support.

At some point you may want to use such specialized SoundFonts to get more natural sound out of your MIDI's. But if your MIDI file contains tracks for many instruments, some of the tracks may become silent. This happens if the corresponding instruments are not available in the custom SoundFont file.

Fortunately, there is a solution. MIDI Converter Studio allows using two and more SoundFonts at the same time.

In the lower part of the window, there is a "SoundFonts" tab. Click to open it.

Adding more SoundFonts

See the controls below the list (highlighted on the screenshot above). You can click the green plus button to add more SoundFonts:

Using multiple SoundFonts

MIDI Converter Studio uses instruments from the first (topmost) SoundFont, when it converts MIDI to MP3 or plays MIDI files. If one or more instruments are not available in the first SoundFont, the program looks them up in the second SoundFont file, and so on. Thus, after adding SoundFonts to the list, put them into the order, in which they should be complemented.

Click a SoundFont and use the green arrows below to move it up or down to its preferred position.

It is recommended to add at least one 'collection' SoundFont to the list to ensure playback of all instruments.

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